VLC Life Groups

Double Portion Group  Monday at 7 PM

We are a group who enjoys a family style meal together, including dessert! Followed by a refreshing engaging time in the word. Come, share life in a casual and authentic safe environment with an occasional bunny trail. 

Tea Time with the Word Tuesday at 7PM

With a warm (or cold on summer eves) cup of tea in hand, we read and discuss books written by Christian authors that challenge and empower our walks with Christ. From 7-9PM on Tuesdays, we share our take-aways from a chapter of books such as Love, Acceptance, and Forgiveness by Jerry Cook, Face to Face with God by Bill Johnson, Miracles by Eric Metaxas, and Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer.

Questy Questers Sunday at 6:30 PM

The Bible can be big, scary and unapproachable. For some it may be the first time they have attempted to read it while for others it may seem like a worn path that holds no surprises. The Questy Questers see it as an ancient Jewish literary work composed of prose and poetry. We read the Bible from a scholarly perspective, seeking to experience it through the eyes of those who lived and recorded it thousands of years ago. We are open to seekers and believers alike. All can reach a deeper understanding of scripture. The primary goal is that all attendees would know for themselves what the bible says and be given the tools to come to informed conclusions about what it means. We strive to be loving and respectful to one another, honoring the differences between each of us. We do not judge or preach, but allow the Spirit to guide each person’s quest as they are willing. Join us Sunday nights for dinner, dessert, scholarship, friendship, laughter, prayer and many many bunny trails!

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